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Miguel Torres Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Las Mulas 2013L 2013  
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Country: Chile
Region: Valle Central
Grape Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: Still wine, Organic
Reg. $13.99
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Dark red in colour. Aroma of red fruits with notes of spices. Palate with elegant, rounded tannins. Long, consistent aftertaste.

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Wine maker notes
A vineyard cultivated organically needs to create an ecosystem in which plants and insects live together in harmony. In this way, nature finds the perfect balance, permitting the natural development of the vines. This innovative manner of cultivation –the same one that our ancestors used hundreds of years ago when the use of chemical products was still unknown- favors the development of grapes of high quality, free from harmful agents that damage the environment. In our organic vineyard ”San Luis de Alico” we have always had animals that contributed to the fertilization of the soil, as well as acting as natural predators of insects harmful to the vines. Chickens and geese walk freely in the vineyards, but our most important animal, undoubtedly, is Rufina, our faithful companion: The Mule. ”Las Mulas” is a wine dedicated to this good friend who helps us achieve a better balance with nature.

Food pairing
Ideal with red meats, savoury pastries and mixed grills. Serve at 18 °C.

Our family, generation after generation, has passed down the secret of making great wines and the love of the land. This tradition and a vision for the future has transformed Torres into a renowned company whose products can now be found in more than 140 countries.